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It just also goes to confirm my theory that a large number of poeple are losing interest in the current Claymore Arc.

Between the uuuultra slow arc (started in chapter 106 - so 18 chapters so far, and with what I'm reading it 'll take another 2 or 3 chapters to wrap it up. For reference the entire Pieta arc was 12 chapters), and the absence of both Clare and Priscilla, not only are the rankings down in Japan but the forums slow here.

The tankobons might still sell, but the growing disinterest in the monthly story tells me one thing: People are entering "collection" mode. They are more interested to finish their collection than actually following the manga.

Wake up Yagi!
I just hope that it won't get so bad that the publisher will say: "Well, it's been fun. You now have 6 chapters to wrap it up." (ending at volume 23).

P.S for Djorel: We must not have been reading the same manga, because I do not remember Galatera "wiping the floor " with Dauf. Quite the contrary in fact, once her little trick was found out.
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