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Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
Crap! StrikerS plot is more complicated that The Davinci-code!


I have a headache...

To be honest I always expected Jail to run off with Fate and Erio at some point alongside Vivio; honestly, he expressed so much interest in them that I was surprised that nothing more was born from it than him getting his backside handed to him by Bardiche.

And hell, don't get me started on the whole "Ginga being brainwashed into Number 13" thing. That one had so much plot potential I could cry. Seriously, just go the route of "character is brainwashed and captured but regains sanity and plays along to figure out what's going on" and you could have expanded on the Numbers, Jail, even Lutecia.

Heck, in general, I feel as though Lutecia and Zest got the short end of the stick in this series. Agito, too. The three of them had so much potential and so much of their story to be told, but nooooo....

I still don't totally understand Zest, though. Was he dead and brought back to life, or was he just fatally injured and nursed back to health by Cinque? Because the anime was never clear on which he was.
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