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Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Agree with all points, except this one. Macross Frontier was simpler, and it actually had a twist, rather than something we saw coming in StrikerS.
I never saw that anime

I'm just saing that 7arcs complicated themselves with the plot a lot, they could made the things much more simpler, reducing the number of New Characters, and focusing the story on a single plot since the begining, I mean, they had 26 chapters!

Originally Posted by Comartemis View Post
Like what, Rick? Be disapproving? Frown at me and use lots of emotes to express your displeasure? If you think you can silence the skeptic in me, feel free to "do some about my aggressive attitude" Rick. Until then, I'll continue to scoff at theories that go directly against what we are told in canon.
No Comartemis, unfortunely, my words will never change you

I'm just saing that you should be less rough when posting
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