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Originally Posted by 9taileddemon View Post
Um. I did give my views and interpertations in why I think that the High Council is not just some secret corrupt group that controls the TSAB from the shadows. I kind of wrote a mini essay up there.
You did. But you didn't say why. Why should we accept this view over the one we have already accepted as canon? Kero's right, the Bureau as a whole is supposed to be made up of "the good guys" in this series. Even Regius, much as I loathe the guy, ultimately had the best interests of the people he was supposed to be protecting in mind when he started his career; it's just that he hit something of a slippery slope and crossed over into moral ambiguity when he teamed up with Jail, and in an idealistic series like Nanoha that's pretty much tantamount to becoming a villain.

So if the Bureau is as good as canon says it is, why should we accept the notion that the legitimate higher-ups are anything except pure and noble defenders of the innocent? That's what you haven't said yet.

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Poking at me ... hmm?
Not you specifically, but anyone who holds the novel to be canon. Since I can't read Japanese or get my hands on a translated copy I wouldn't be able to use it as a source even if I wanted to tarnish the bureau's image for some bizarre reason, and since I don't I have no reason to bother in the first place.

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