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Hm...I guest I'll just throw my opinion here.

I’d say student-teacher-ship is not that taboo or earth-shattering nowadays. People actually have more concern with the age of the one from the pair (assuming their relationship is openly known). If the age of the student is, say, less than 15, the teacher might be accused of “deceiving or manipulating” the student somehow and might get jailed for crime towards children.

I don’t know about others, but I feel that the relationship between Female Teacher x Male Student is harder to happen than the relationship between Male Teacher x Female Student.

From the literature (or anime & manga) POV, I’d say it’s pretty hard to come up with a realistic story depicting romance between a normal Female teacher & a normal male students. One of the reason is, women tend to be more mature even among men of their age (that’s why there’s a lot of couples with the male being older). So, from that way of thinking, I see almost no reason at all for a female teacher being charmed or even imagining of having a romantic feelings towards her immature, inexperienced, and (for many) childish male students. I’d say for those female teachers, most of the male students (we’re talking highscool here) are “lame” in more ways than one.

Of course my hypothesis above can be countered with some factors such as:
  • The male student is very rich (a heir to a big company or owns it). Thus, it’s possible for the female teacher to “aim” for him (or his money ) first and then figuring out other good traits that the boy possesses (or lack thereof).
  • The female teacher is a shotakon or has a really strong “motherly” personality that allow her to be attracted to the (much) younger male students.
  • There’s a past story or an already established relationship between the female teacher and the male student that can support romance.
  • The male student is unusually mature, handsome & charming enough to be able to sway the female teacher.
  • The female teacher just love to tease young boys, or even worst, a sex-fiend that hungry for “young stamina” .
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