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For clarification I was pointing out that sometimes it's best to let go of your ego and let someone else whose better suited to doing the job.

From what I read and heard, Ray thought that he didn't need the other writers and went off on his own tangent. That's why the Quarian and Krogan story arcs were ok but when it came down to the ending, he took control and it just fell flat.

In other words I'm using the USSR vs Germany as an example or a parallel. I'm not comparing anyone to Nazis and it's the best example I can think of in regards to letting your ego out of control(Example, Hitler not letting his military advisors do their job and thus ruining himself while Stalin let his generals do what they're trained to do and win). If Ray had just let the actual writers do it I don't think Mass Effect 3's ending would've been so bad.

I'm not comparing anyone to Nazis so stuff your Godwin's Law away.
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