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Originally Posted by biodude711 View Post
Apparently, the reason why Bioware's founders left was primarily due to the negativity the fans gave ME3 and SWtOR.

Fan Negativity Behind Bioware Founders Departure
Wow, well I understand the makers want to try something new or out of the ordinary but the ending was a little............... well lets say not up to par with expectations (I put it as gentle as I can ). Sometimes going the cliche route isn't a bad choice time to time which here is a example. The thing for people like us who put a lot of effort in playing Mass Effect, we attach ourselves to the characters. Thus when something like killing the character arrives, it feels like all the work and effort in the character is like.........all for naught (gentle as I can put it as well).

I didn't expect them to leave EA, keep pushing to make good games and maybe the criticism will lighten up. Though looks like that isn't happening, well at least they made enough money to support them for the rest of their lives.
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