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I for one think Ero-Sennin makes a good point, many times i have thought there was a lack of sex education for young ninja.Some families seem to be fine but the orphans are never giving "the talk".Naruto didn't recognize a pregnant woman, Sasuke's lack of interest in a girl friend,these are signs of ignorance about sex. Jiraiya wasn't that much of a pervert, just a frustrated man that needed to make babies.
This lack of sexual pursuit for greater fighting power is a problem,funny as it may sound. Not to hard to believe though. Radical Muslims in this world suffer from strict celibacy, making them violently lash out against over sexed westerners.This of course is probably not a topic meant to be part of Kishimotos story,however make love not war is a solution that has been presented before in other cases.
I was just joking about these things, obviously Kishimoto is avoiding this stuff for different reasons, this manga is some light entertainment so there's no need to have realism. Although the manga has also deeper themes, like friendship, world peace, recently Sasuke's questions about what is a village and a clan, etc., so we are often tempted to take it more seriously than we should

The society of Konoha is very similar to the modern japanese/western one in many matters, probably because the author wants the readers to have some feeling of connection. For example not having both parents because they died in ninja missions, in our world because of divorce. But there are also some serious differences. Most notably all the wars in which parents and children die.

In the very beginning of the manga we see Naruto's sexy jutsu, which he perfects by looking into adult magazines So i wouldn't worry about his sexual education It's very similar to the modern way of getting to know how these things work

As for being asexual, there are studies about modern japanese societies becoming asexual, where many young people simply don't care about these things. You might discuss how much of the japanese society is reflected in the behavior of teenagers in manga stories.
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