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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
yea you're right. i had the timeline goofed up. itachi should have been the 5th after minato's death and prior to the massacre. probably when negotiations broke down between kohona and the uchiha. konoha should have given an inch and made itachi hokage, but as usual senju, senju, senju disciple, senju disciple, ...senju
Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
Well according to you there shouldn't be any senju around at that time
Except Tsunade but she was the last choice for hokage, Orochimaru was evil and Jiraiya refused. And Minato was not a senju's disciple, i don't think that Jiraiya has anything to do with them.
Hmmm. Makes me think. There has been a sensei-pupil relationship between previous Hokage and their successors (if not direct, then still part of the same teacher-student line like Hiruzen -> Minato) is it possible that if things hadn't turned out like they did, Obito could've been named Hokage by Minato?

In the flashbacks we see that Kakashi was obviously the star pupil. But once his friends were put in serious danger and his Sharingan awakened Obito fought very well, possibly on Kakashi's level. And he would only improve from there once he got his 3rd tomoe . Imagine if Obito wasn't crushed and that whole crazy Rin dying thing didn't happen. Obito had a Naruto-like dedication to becoming Hokage and Kakashi seems to have more of a "meh" attitude towards it (plus he wouldn't have gotten his Sharingan). Obito would continue to be guided by Minato, who would see his potential and enthusiasm. Could Obito have been set to become an Uchiha Hokage?

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