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Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
is it possible that if things hadn't turned out like they did, Obito could've been named Hokage by Minato?
It seems that the "elders" had always a strong role, and they would not let that happen. In the end it comes down to first the 2nd hokage and then the elders. I wonder if that Kagami guy will have some negative role or maybe Danzou will plot against the Uchiha in the flashback.

Originally Posted by Sabaku Kyu View Post
and that whole crazy Rin dying thing didn't happen.
If that didn't happen then Obito wouldn't be as strong, it was explained that very strong emotions are needed to evolve the eye to MS. Rin's death was probably a huge powerup for Obito. Itachi's reason to torment Sasuke is to make him stronger, so that he would be strong enough to survive all the shit that comes against him when Itachi can't defend him any more, namely Danzou and his minions and later Madara. Sure if there was another way to make Sasuke stronger and thus give him a chance to survive then Itachi's behavior towards Sasuke would not make any sense.
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