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Originally Posted by Ero-Senn1n View Post
It seems that the "elders" had always a strong role, and they would not let that happen. In the end it comes down to first the 2nd hokage and then the elders. I wonder if that Kagami guy will have some negative role or maybe Danzou will plot against the Uchiha in the flashback.
I don't think the elders' influence is that strong. Tsunade regularly shrugged off their insisting that Naruto be kept under wraps in the village and let Naruto go on missions as he pleased and they really didn't do more than give her a stern look and told her that if anything bad happened it would be her responsibility. I think really their political power is really quite limited compared to the Hokage.

They were (along with Danzou) the masterminds behind the Uchiha massacre but I think they were able to move that plan because the situation was critical and there seemed to be few other options.

If that didn't happen then Obito wouldn't be as strong, it was explained that very strong emotions are needed to evolve the eye to MS. Rin's death was probably a huge powerup for Obito.
He would be different than he is now...that doesn't mean he couldn't become very strong. Remember that strong emotions also stem from protecting others. Shisui developed his Sharingan in a special way and became highly revered for his strength. As far as we know, he didn't go through the traumatic experience needed to gain MS. Obito would also have the opportunity to be personally groomed by Minato. I'm not talking about him necessarily being as ridiculously powerful as he is now, but instead meeting the requirements to become a Hokage.

Anyways, food for thought...

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