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Originally Posted by fignae
Does anyone know what the viewer ratings have been for Simoun?
Unfortunately, yes. A poster on 2channel posted ratings for the first two weeks of the season for a number of shows. I'll repeat them from the Nana thread where I posted them first.

Except for Nana, all the better-rated shows the post gave us are early-evening shows, rather than late-night ones, but Simoun is fairly low even for late-night. It dropped from 0.9 to 0.3 from week one to week two. As Bluwacky said in the Nana thread: "Presumably all the weird jargon and the lack of real fanservice put all the horny lesbian fanboys off."

Partial first 2-3 weeks Oricon ratings from 2channel (2 weeks for most shows, some shows started a week earlier):

NANA  6.2 5.6
Simoun 0.9 0.3 (my favorite other than NANA and Suzumiya Haruhi)
Gintama 5.6 5.1
Ouran Host Club 2.1 3.0
Air Gear   2.3 1.5
Love Game CHU 1.3 0.9
Spider Riders 0.9 1.1
Inukami  1.5 1.6
.hack//Roots 1.0 0.7
Zegapain 2.2 2.3
Witchblade 1.5 1.7
Fushigiboshi no Futagohime  4.0 4.4 3.1
Shoujo Changeum 5.3 6.3
Futari wa Precure Splash Star 7.7 8.2 7.8
Kiba    2.0 2.8 3.5
Digimon savers 5.6 6.3 5.9
Onegai My Melody 5.6 4.6 6.4
ARIA The NATURAL 1.6 0.9 2.1
School Rumble 2 1.8 1.3 2.3

Oricon posts the top ten free, but for deeper info we depend on someone with access to the paid info posting on 2channel.

As for what I said about favorites, I think I rate my three favorites as Suzumiya Haruhi, Simoun, and Nana, in that order.
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