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Personally, I don't care about the ratings. As gratifying as it is to know that many others share your preferences, it's not an absolute necessity. I've been writing in the Eureka 7 thread when pretty much nobody visited it here and the shows ratings were quite abysmal, and I've done it gladly.

It doesn't matter if the Japanese people like it or not. As long as I like it, I'm following the show. After all, each one of us here is watching it for our own sake, not for the sake of someone else we must please. 8)

The ratings only play a role when a long-running show is shown in prime-time. Long-running shows are costly as they are, and prime time slot makes them even constlier. Thus, if the show is not generating enough ratings (and thus, not enough advertising revenue) it can be cancelled. Prime time is a coveted time range and if the show is underperforming, there is no need to keep it there. But, to repeat myself, it only happens to long-running shows. Simoun shouldn't be able to generate more than 13/26 episodes and it runs late at night.

So, who gives a hoot, really?
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