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In general, MrProphet is right. If we like the show, it doesn't matter if anyone else does. But there is one thing: the more people who watch a show, the more shows like it will be made, and the more work by the members of the cast and staff we will see.

I did check out 2channel to see how much attention it is getting there, among the otaku, and it's faring better: it's toward the top of the mid-ranking shows. By number of threads (i.e., thousands of posts):

Suzumiya Haruhi 94
Higurashi 28
Utawarerumono 13
Inukami 10
MagiPoka 10
Ouran Host Club 10
School Rumble2 10
.hack//Roots 9
Simoun 9
Aria – The Natural 7
Gintama 7
Strawberry Panic 7
Witchblade 7
Zegapain 7
Black Lagoon 6
Air gear 5
Miracle Seiyuu 3
Nana 3
Xxxholic 3
Good Witch of the West 2
Saiunkoku 2
Yume Tsukai 2

The most interesting thing to me here is how low Nana is among the otaku, compared to how big the overall audience is for it.
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