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Originally Posted by Adr 00 View Post
its really funny to see her keep throwing pillows all over the in the carriage.

btw, i doubt OZ/Alice is gonna really happen though, we all know that in stuff like this the male protagonist is ether dull or undecisive.
That may be true but Oz is different type of male protagonist, he acts very mature and level-headed for his age and even in bad situation, like time he was in the Abyss he wasnt freaking out, even suprised Alice. The only other male protagonist is the same like Oz is Allen Walker from DGM.

and he did suggested that Alice goes twin-tailed, he is way different in a good way.

Maybe Oz and Alice wont be together but it will be fun seeing Alice vs Sharon for Oz heart if that happens

***Edit: I was thinking we can started up a Pandora Hearts Social Group on here, I was wondering who is up fo that, I was thinking we can call it "Road to Pandora" or Hearts of the Abyss"

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