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Originally Posted by Ashaman View Post
That's cause boys attack you physically, while girls attack socially or mentally.

A few bruises and a bloody lip is basically what you can expect from guys bullying (though obviously it can get pretty brutal if the guys go too far). You can survive it if you've got your bros.

While girls will endevor to isolate you and humiliate you.

If both guys and girls bully you, you're pretty much fucked.
I agree with the above, although I wanted to say that first lol.

Back on topic: This There was some character development for the side characters and two of the main characters. Hidenori's "nooooo's" were hilarious! That caught me off-guard.

I feel so bad for Motoharu... the sister's friends even shaved his trademark off. I'm hoping he gets his revenge sometime in the future. I can't help but think that that was just a set-up for a future skit, hopefully.

It turns out Karasawa gave the girls in Ep4 expired sweets lol. So the scar's the main reason why he wears a hat all the time.

The reason why it's similar to Gintama and Sket Dance is due to the voice actors and the fact that they are all gag manga's.

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