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Originally Posted by ragweed
Interesting that you said that. At first, I would have to agree with you. One Piece starts out slow and the arcs go through a process of building until the climax of the arc, while Naruto has more fights and instant action.

But then I have to disagree. I think Naruto relies too heavily on cliffhangers and doesn't focus on the action <i>enough</i>. Lately the fights in Naruto have relied too much on face shots, "........." panels, and second-by-second. One Piece has more diologue and action per panel. In fact, the latest fight chapter of OP has had a grand total of '1' profile panels (a panel of a character thinking with no thought bubbles or action), while Naruto had 10. =/ Nothing really happens that much anymore! I think that's why there's been so much filler going on lately.

But anyway, I think Naruto is more popular because it's a typical anime with bishies and powerups all that. And angst, loads and loads or angst.
You might be right about the latest chapters, but still in general Naruto has a sufficient action/cliffhanger level that will more-or-less keep you excited. Also having more action does not always mean a good thing for everybody, especially if the action scenes take longer than expected. In One Piece, if there will be a fight, in many cases all the main characters are involved in that fight (and usually more than once). Luffy might be given a big portion of that, but the others do not lag behind much. That is expected since I believe most of the fans would enjoy to see the fights from all the other character's at similar level (since all use different types of fighting skills). Also, the fights in One Piece seem to be more circumstantial than the fights in Naruto, thereby, allowing for more focusing in Naruto.

Anyway, it is not easy to guess the general point of view, since anywhere you dig you observe another difference that can directly affect personal opinion.
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