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Originally Posted by wingdarkness
How bout a main character (who isn't the brightest lightbulb) that eats everything in sight and is a supreme slob... Eating anything that exists no matter how filthy or grotesque it is which is the cause of many hysterical moments...Goku=Luffy
Uh, nah. I wouldn't exactly call Luffy and Goku supreme slobs, might want to clarify what you mean by that. I don't remember Luffy exhibiting eating any filthy or grotesque thing in his sight. Much less that at least with Luffy he plumps while with Goku the characteristic is quite common among the main characters in DBZ much less gets overdone to the point of tedium.
Or maybe a bossy girl who has a good head on her shoulders but punches and beats on all the other male characters and screams at them insanley at times causing funny moments...Bulma=Nami
In other words a general similarity equates to the same humor? Cause I don't remember Bulma being allowed to do this to just any of her fellow characters in the exact fashion unless you can cite a situation where Bulma sticks someone with a loan with 100% interest.
Or perhaps a cowardly short sidekick who gets scared to death by any new villian, and usually gets his a$$ kicked in funny fashion until he gets serious (But still usually loses)...Krillen=Chopper

I could go on neodrag, just say the word...I think you know what I'm capable of...
Krillin equals Chopper how exactly since I don't remember Chopper fulfilling exactly the described form of action you bring up? Including when the number of times Chopper has lost a fight is quite small much less when Chopper loses it's not done in a comedic fasion. Chopper's humor in character is exhibited when it comes to him hiding behind something in the wrong way, saying one thing while his body language says another, naivety, etc. Much less that it's Ussop who gets beaten on in a humoress fashion. The two shows still don't share a quite similar type of humor since all you have done is listed out character similiarities that are general at best rather than really being on the nose in connections.
Hell yeah, after a certain point in the series to think the main villian of that arc was going to easily defeat Goku was somewhat ignorant....Remember Goku very seldom ever fought to totally beat his opponent, his goal alot of time was to test his abilities...Could have beaten Cell, Magin Vegeta, and Magin Buu....Coulda went 3 on Vegeta but didn't cause he wanted to give him a fair fight...Choose to let Majin buu live cause he wanted his kids to have a challenge...Sparred half-a$$ with Cell (for a good deal of that fight) to let Gohan see his moves...Just cause the villains were bada$$ don't mean they weren't underdawgs when they had to fight usually atleast 4 legendary SSJ's each epic battle...
What was that about Cell? Cause I clearly remember Goku going as far as he possibly could to the point of kamikaze to take out Cell. And I don't remember Goku letting Majin Buu live simply to give his kids a challenge. It remains that plent of the time in DBZ we have the main villain being stronger than Goku rather than some idea that Goku is always holding back. It remains that when you have the existence of a move where the idea to gather the spirit energy of other beings being done on more than one occassion by Goku that Goku doesn't think he's gonna win by his strength alone.
Originally Posted by Sazelyt
I don't know why the discussion moves in the direction of dragon ball. Even though it might have significant importance, comparing dragon ball to one piece or vice versa is not fair. Dragon ball has a historical importance, and can still entertain you, but that's it. One Piece has already exceeded its level, and that is what matters.
Word on.
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