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Originally Posted by wingdarkness
@neo -Err..Your a tuff cookie I swear..Chopper gets scared when he sees villains...Does he not?? Krillen gets scared as he sees villains, does he not? They both serve as comic relief at times because of their FEAR...When Chopper is in small-mode he runs around getting his butt kicked until he gets serious or finds the courage to fight thru...Krillen is similiar until the buu saga when he's just useless...
Uh, no. The fact remains that many of the characters in One Piece get scared when faced with a villain; not just Chopper. The humorous moments unique to Chopper still consist of his naivety, hiding behind a wall and looking at you the wrong way, and his trademark badmouthing you while his body says different. These are characteristics that still outway a general similarity you brought up. Especially when again Chopper doesn't just simply run around in his small when getting beat on. Much less that when he gets defeated it clearly wasn't intended to be humorous.
As for Kid buu, Goku mismanaged his energy because he forgot SSJ 3 is limited even more in human-form...He's holding his reserve energy for the final blow then realized he didn't have the energy...This is in "1 minute fight Vegeta vs. Kid buu" ep...Your sleeping on how Goku fights to have fun and test his strength until the end...
In other words that changes the fact that Goku was still the inferior how? Since that reserve of energy you bring up still could only be brought up by the participation of not only Goku to fight Kid Buu. Much less that I still don't remember Goku absolutely fighting only within the narrow confines of fun and testing strength. Unless delivering monologues like he does at times is suppose to be also great fun.
Ugh...don't respond back...Lets just end it...

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