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Originally Posted by wingdarkness

Yeah, and how many of them or short, quirky purposely created comic relief-ish characters? Huh?
Except that Chopper isn't permenantly dwarf size. Still grasping for straws here. Cause Chopper isn't humorous for simply just being short and easily scared.
That's because he loves testing his strength...That why he was apparently dissapointed when he finally defeated him because he considered kid buu the ultimate challenge and that's why he was so happy that buu was reincarnated as Uub so he could continue to fight someone on his level...He susequently left his family for like 10 years just fighting and training Uub in the look-out base overseeing Earth...Did you forget sayains fight for the thrill of the fight, not just to win?? Content my brother...bring it to work...
Uh, You do realize that he also wanted Ubuu around when it comes to the future of Earth since he wasn't expecting to be around forever. You still haven't proved that it was a constant, absolute basis that Goku was stronger than the main villain to the point of the main villain being the underdog. Joy at fighting a strong opponent doesn't equate to actually being stronger than the opponent. Much less that I still wouldn't say Goku defeated Kid Buu by himself.
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