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You know, moe and kawaii seem to be the most used words in describing this show, so... am I the only one expecting sob stories in the future? I am basing this on the PVs that were released before the début of the show.

Some of the PVs were cheerful, while some were depressing. I am expecting pathos in this anime series, and I hope I have not been deceived by the PVs.

PV-3: So chirpy... until the ending scene that show a town being blown to kingdom come, while the BGM changes to a slow piano BGM.

PV-4: Utterly depressing, with a BGM that sounds suspiciously like remixed ARIA BGM.

PV-5: Just plain quirky.

Hale, reading the anime summary make it seem depressing. Also, I am fairly convinced that the later part of the season will have them grown up.


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