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Originally Posted by Vicious108 View Post
Well that was... anti-climatic. That feeling might partially stem from all the hype which included the whole thing about Gen calling this episode his masterpiece, but still, in the end, it turned out to be just one big tease. It was a viscerally thrilling ride and all, but in the end it didn't really offer much in the way of true substance, nor was there any real payoff to all the build up from the previous episodes. And pulling the "characters get to see it, but the audience doesn't" card at the end was just lame. Why further extend the mystery and suspense when the reveal had been built up perfectly and the time was just right for the bomb to be dropped? So it can never live up to the even bigger expectations people will have now?

Not only that, but it seems that Kougami really meant nothing beyond temporary entertainment to Makishima, who ended up failing quite spectacularly. And save for the brief quoting, their confrontation ended up being just a less well animated Spike vs Vincent.

One can only hope. It was disappointing that Che Gu Seung had to meet his end already, but at least Makishima still has a chance of amounting to something.

What cliffhanger? Everything was wrapped up (too) neatly. The only two people who saw Sybil's dirty secret are now dead and the only person who had the ability to expose it is now captured.

As for Bureau Chief Kasei not being human, that was already heavily hinted at the end of episode 13. I would hardly call it a twist. The only twist in this episode was that there was no real twist.

As to what will happen now, I guess the protagonists might find Kagari's fate to be suspicious and begin to inspect Sybil as a result.
You know it just really is not making sense the more i think of it. As I said earlier if sybil did have a dark secret to it why was it not more heavily guarded from the start for something so big and evil it should have had more measures to protect it there was nonthing to make us think aside from creating a fd up society or messed up people that what runs sybil could be inhumane or pure evil or even by some chance unearthly. Not showing sybil leaving it up to viewer speculation is the lowest and the cheapest of the low way to make viewers speculate you pull that crap in shounens but you do not do that in a series about serious topics and a plot like this. Heres what they should have done sybil runs on people like maki, Maki gets fed to sybil, The director lies about how Kaigiri and Sho died. The directors carry on clueless. Then again that is still bad sorry but the director screwed up the minute he tried to make sybil more evil than it already is. Should have just kept it what it was a machine that essentially takes away peoples freedoms with a corrupt leader not type of good ending can come out of this. To people who don't read darker toned stories sybil running of people will be a huge shock and be considered gruesome to anyone else big deal woo how scary. The whole plot was ruined by this. And not revealing it was pointless cause anyone with half a brain can see exactly were this is going the only thing left to speculate is how many people sybil runs off of, Is it alien or machine. What kind of condition are the people it runs off of in stuff we have all seen before anyways.

Oh lets not forget Maki has been caught with no clear story showed on his true intentions way to go nice job.

Heres a better ending Maki escapes whats the point of having him out class kogami to get caught really, The director kills the hacker before he opens up to see sybil which was just a empty room and Kaigiri escapes with the pics and the director lies to the team and makes them hunt him. See that much better now the plot has room to develop and does not reach terminator/alien the movie level of scifi cause tho good that does not belong here at all.
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