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I thought the episode was really good and actually was unexpected. People keep saying it was predictable but I read through all the threads and I didn't see anyone guessing this was how the Akane/Kougami/Makishima conflict would go down. I assume this was the confrontation we saw in the first episode (although maybe I am wrong).

Does it feel a bit anticlimactic? Makishima is defeated (so it seems). We see the brain/heart of the sybil system but Kagari is supposedly killed before anything can be revealed.

I understand there were no exciting reveals except perhaps the section chief. Makishima who seemed indestructible gets taken down by a bop to the head with a helmet. We had the taste of the secret of the sybil system and it was taken away from us but...

We still have 6 episodes left. This might be the beginning of the end but it's not the ending. To me I question what Akane's decision of not killing Makishima will really mean in the end? Should she have killed him? And not just because he is dangerous himself, for some reason the section chief wanted him alive.

Perhaps we didn't get all the answers we wanted but I am happy I still have many questions.
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