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I thought the episode was really good and actually was unexpected. People keep saying it was predictable but I read through all the threads and I didn't see anyone guessing this was how the Akane/Kougami/Makishima conflict would go down. I assume this was the confrontation we saw in the first episode (although maybe I am wrong).
I think people calling it predictable are mostly referring to the Kagari/Seung/Chief side of the story, which, while enjoyable, did feel like standard sci-fi fanfare to me.

The Akane/Kougami/Makishima side of things was definitely not predictable though, but that's not always a good thing and in this case I certainly feel as if more predictable would have been preferable. Not that I have anything against Akane being the one to bring down Makishima, I just expected (and hoped for) a more personal and intellectually stimulating showdown (as was the case in episode 11) rather than the straightforward and relatively vapid martial arts duel we got.

And for all the speculating on Makishima, I felt this episode cheapened his character a little in that he did come off as someone just trying to kill boredom this time around. And, in the end, his "villain's flaw" that allowed for his defeat was just... carelessness. Again, not what I've come up to expect from him or Urobuchi.

Of course, we're far from the end yet and these issues can still be turned around depending on the ramifications of this whole conflict and the direction things take from now on. I'm certainly not claiming this episode killed the series. As you said, there's still questions to look forward to, I just felt this was the right time to answer some of them and that others deserved better (provisional) answers.
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