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Duet Triangler is less crappy. There a couple of little nuances that I like and its growing on me a little bit. Still don't like the song though.

Never cared for Diamond Crevasse but Empty Diamond Crevasse is a lot better than the original.

Anata no Oto's catchiness diminishes fast upon repeated listens.

Yousei sounds good but getting bored of it like Anata no Oto. Outros a little less annoying, but still hate the very last line with a passion. That last repetition sticks out a like a sore thumb.

DYRL is okay but I miss the funky bassline from the Deculture version.

Prologue F, Blue Ether, is this Love, Shadow of Michel are all good.

I like all the little sound effects and subtle melody in Aimo OC that I missed while watching it during the show.

Nyan Nyan Service Medley. I like how they threw in a little bit of Sheryl's My Boyfriend's a Pilot...and damn them to hell for teasing Maaya Sakamoto Aimo at the end! There was a little more of it in ep25 that they cut short. Just give us the full thing already!

Protoculture's organic water and creature effects work really well as an ender to the album.

As I feared, they left out episode 10's BGM from the Sheryl/Alto kiss on the beach/Ranka determination scene. Stupid OST3, who knows how long that's gonna be. Overall, I kind of liked OST1 more. Maybe it needs more time to incubate.

Now for Top 10:
1. DYRL Deculture version (why oh why is it so short! this is seriously the only MF song I can keep on repeat without getting sick of, minus the terrible outro)
2. Aimo ~Tori no Hito~
3. What Bout my Star @ Formo
4. Blue Ether
5. My Boyfriend's a Pilot
6. Welcome to my Fanclub's Night
7. Empty Diamond Crevasse
8. Yousei
9. What Bout my Star (Sheryl ver)
10. DYRL ~bless the little queen~

Eh, what can I say. Not a big May'n fan. Megumi's voice is a lot easier on the ears despite her lower vocal range.

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