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I turned on my separate digital-analog converter, and put on my trust Grado SR 60 headphones. Empty Diamond Crevasse.

I am in tears.

I thought Diamond Crevasse can't be more AWESOME than it already was (of every single song or music that was that has been released so far I loved Diamond Crevasse the most), but the empty version proved me wrong. May'n put even more emotions into the song than the original version - probably because she too has a better grasp of how Sheryl feels now and the overall story. Amazing. Heart gripping. I love May'n. I love Sheryl Nome (even more). Kanno Yoko is a god of music.

This will now forever be my god song.
Also I am not a pirate. I own every single Macross Frontier CD released, and already got Nyan Tora ordered late August =)

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