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Originally Posted by nestea2004 View Post
What I am curious is what is going to happen cause eventually all those lapdogs that want her attention will notice how much time shes spending in this club and in particular; if they will catch scenes like at the end of episode 7 when shes crying and asking Kodaka for help, how will the dogs react ?
I'll explain things on my own twisted ways.

I doubt it would matter anymore. You saw how Kodaka NTRed the lights out of everyone at school who admired Sena. No one would challenge Kodaka not even if their angel is now a slave to this demon. Face it, Sena together with Yozora (another of their school's beauty) is now Kodaka's, mind and body, and he can do whatever he desires to them. All these boys can do is just watch as their Princess heads towards Kodaka's den as a sacrifice, day after day after day.
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