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hey i asked before but i don't think i ever got an answer

there is an anime that is old, like over 15 years ago, it's a yellow little furry monster with a bue hat, who loves sand and hates water and can grant wishes to these four kids but they only last til dusk, they have nerdy friend who only like sbook s and a dog.

there is this other anime with this girl who has this little fairy or something, and this thing has it's own world populated by little people, all I really remember is one episode where this other girl is pretending she has lost her memory to keep a hold of this guy who likes the girl with the fairy, and in one episode the fairy thing ha a magical leaf that when touched by a person turns a colour to show their feelings.

this one is about a family of monsters, dad is a vampire, but i think the girl is normal, there is one episode where cupid goes around shooting his arrows and people fall in love with people they don't like, oh and the girl fancied a guy who was a boxer and there is a bit where it spoofs rocky

basically when i was young I had tapes of cartoons from hong kong that had random episodes of different series's

be cool if anyone knows these
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