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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
This works entirely too well. Did you guys just solve Umineko again?
Actually, I'm pretty sure the connection between Beatrice-2 and Asumu was suggested sometime prior in this very thread or thereabouts.

What I think is new or at least relatively new is the idea that Kinzo forces Rudolf to marry Asumu rather than Kyrie and Rudolf's baby swapping is his grandest act of defiance ever. With Kinzo being the father of Asumu's child it does work out well, regardless of whether Asumu is Beatrice-2 or not.

The problem is imagining the situation in which Kinzo would be such a father, as this is where the logical chain runs out of hints to step on because we know next to nothing about her.


Fall fall faaall!!!!

What if it's not a fear of vehicles as such, but a fear of falling down like Beatrice-2 did in Rosa's story?
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