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Originally Posted by Aphrah View Post
Mhm. Counting down like that only prolongs the wait. ;p

LiSa apparently performed her first US concert on Day 3 of Anime Expo 2012, where she sang crossing field, as well as a few of her other songs.

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There are a few other recordings of the song, and while the audio quality is more or less the same, the above clip has the best video quality.

Alternatives: this, this (starts at about 12:00), and this.

LiSa is surprisingly good live. Crossing field is really good; I'm really looking forward to hearing the studio recording of both the TV and full versions.

@gunblitz: Nope, it has not. I was going to make the post myself, but you beat me to it. ;p
DAT ENGRISH . Anyway awesome song can't wait for a more clearer version...though i will only have a couple hours to listen to it knowing aniplex/sony .
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