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Originally Posted by darktruth View Post
I seem to recall one background piece that hasn't made it onto ANY of the Shana OST or Assorted CD's. Does anyone remember that humorous music played during the early episodes in season 1 where Shana is telling off all the teachers in the classroom?

I have all 3 Assorted CD's and the TV series OST but it seems like that track (and of course the piano version of Hishoku no Sora) has never been released on CD.
So, was this track ever released since back then?

Originally Posted by redflame View Post
I fangirl screamed when I saw the picture. The perfect album picture for the song, I tell you. xD
Eh, the song is great, but the picture isn't. Shana's face looks really strange, her head is way too big, and her hand too small, but I'm nitpicking.
It's just a little sad, almost like that beachvolley poster.
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