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Originally Posted by duckroll View Post
There is a rather detailed set of Magi interviews with the staff in PASH this month. Here are some of the more interesting things they mentioned with regards to the anime adaptation. I'm going to put a spoiler wall up, because some of the comments do touch of manga material and stuff new viewers might not want to know before hand.


These points seem to suggest to me that at least half or more of the series will cover Balbadd, which clearly should be the case because it's a long arc. It sounds like they're cutting down the first 5 chapters or so to 2 episodes, but if they proceed from there, there still might not be enough episodes in 2-cours to do a full adaptation. I'm starting to think it's possible this could either be a 3-cour adaptation (15-16 episodes for the first two arcs, then 23-24 episodes for Balbadd), or they could be adding an anime-only original arc before Balbadd to make it 4-cour.

Either way, they do seem to be taking the author's approval into consideration, and it seems they want to make a relatively faithful adaptation, but with new stuff which doesn't mess with the overall story.

Edit: And here are more designs for the anime:

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That's what I was guessing they'd do. I doesn't matter that much if they add a new character, cause the world of Magi is so rich with different characters. There's plenty of races, tribes etc to choose from. I'm relieved that they're following the story for the manga and aren't going to end with an anime original ending. That way we always have hope for more OVA's/movies afterwards.
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