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Originally Posted by Eisdrache View Post
All I do is playing ARAM. Have yet to lose one when I have Zyra and non-suicidal team mates.
Well, with long range and poke champs in ARAM, it is pretty obvious that If your team lets you poke without engaging and you can outpoke the other team then it gives you a huge advantage. Also, I find that Kassadin is ridiculously strong in ARAM because the mobility his ult provides. It is really hard to stop him once he starts stacking up.

Overall ARAM is such a fun game mode. Despite being just something started by the community. I probably enjoy it more than Dominion or Twisted Treeline. Last time I played it, I got 4 quadra kills with Katarina. It was just thrilling.

Originally Posted by Kreceir View Post
and ye those wins when you are quite behind and suddenly turn around an teamfight or an engage that can win games? those are the best feelings.
I had one of these games in my tier promote series. It was epic. They had baron and everything but we turned it around. We were playing with a Rioter too and after they got the baron even he announced it was "gg". Then in that last teamfight, I Noct ulted their out of position ADC and we somehow aced them. Afterwards, we pushed past 2 mid turret into their nexus and won. I will never forget that game.
I love Flandre Scarlet

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