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they did do battling songs with their MS in various fighting scenes under different scenarios. those can be counted as duets.

they might wear such outfits in real life under the guise of cosplay but its probably not their first choice of costume. the normal school outfit sure, the battle outfit...

i didnt know they were together on these 2 series before it was mentioned here, atleast they did VA on some good series.
Sumire Uesaka's character in Cross Ange was Nana Mizuki's character's personal maid. I don't remember Sumire Uesaka's character in that series piloting any MS, and I don't remember her singing either. But have you seen all the various stage costumes that Nana Mizuki has worn over her long and celebrated career in live singing concerts? I'm not sure a Bunny Girl outfit would be too much for her.

Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
I know Rie Tanaka dressed as a Bunny Girl once. The idea of Nana Mizuki doing it too is...too much for my brain to process .
How so? Is Nana Mizuki's stage costume stuff too conservative to ever get into Bunny Girl territory?

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LOL when is a bunny girl not too much to see? though Rie would be more like the president and Nana would be Nagatoro if both were to be in the same outfit and pic.
How would Rie Tanaka be like the President in that kind of situation?
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