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Sumire Uesaka's character in Cross Ange was Nana Mizuki's character's personal maid. I don't remember Sumire Uesaka's character in that series piloting any MS, and I don't remember her singing either. But have you seen all the various stage costumes that Nana Mizuki has worn over her long and celebrated career in live singing concerts? I'm not sure a Bunny Girl outfit would be too much for her.

How would Rie Tanaka be like the President in that kind of situation?
LOL thats me not looking up the facts/VA... the 2 main females that sang that fought probably werent those Nana and Rie

Rie Tanaka is taller and more lanky and Nana Mizuki is rounder and shorter figure. Though Nana plays the president in the anime. It's more of a RL physical resemblance of both VA.

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