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Originally Posted by tyranuus View Post

Personally, I dont think the seperate mothers will make a difference to Kokoa, although if it does turn out she is somewhat different biologically to the rest of the family that may shake up her foundations a little, either way Kokoa is completely devoted to at least the Inner Moka side of her sister, so regardless of where that goes, unless she is forced, I think Kokoa will either stay out of any upcoming struggle, or side with Tsukune/Moka and the rest.

In regards to the seal not being for Youkai power, until we've seen the chapter, we don't know in what context it has been said, without being able to read it. It may be a reference to the rosario being more than JUST a seal for Youkai power; or it may simply be a reference to it not being a limiter in the same way as the one say Kahlua has, and this one is a more complete seal, which splits memory, power, everything. Either that or it could explicitly show a similar thing as what happens with Tsukune, when the more human element of Moka has higher control, she shows more restraint in the use of her powers because of her own feelings, much like Tsukune does, he only hits his highest peaks when he is under duress, and willing to let go, or in extreme emotional states.

I think until we can read a translation and perhaps see the follow on chapter or two we may not have a direct answer for this, because right now most of us are operating off snippets and partial translations.

In regards to how 'True Moka' would act, well I see it as a more rounded blend of the two personalities. We've already seen that Inner Moka does possess a hidden kindness thats usually hidden behind pride, aggression and in some cases, denial. The true Moka would likely be in many ways a lot like the Inner Moka, but with a greater capability and capacity to show her more compassionate side, and probably a slightly more optimistic outlook on things, effectively both personalities are her strengths, but in different areas, and both would likely affect the other and how it is displayed.

I also think quite frankly if the merge happens, Moka will make a move for Tsukune if it has not already happened, or he explicitly does not want it to [like thats gonna happen!], given we've already seen hints of possessiveness from both of Moka's personalities (even the usually more compassionate, understanding Outer Moka), the feelings for Tsukune from the both of them merged into one person could be lethal! haha
Consider it this way, how would you think the Outer Moka, who has shown several times just how she feels, would act if granted greater self confidence and belief, and a stronger sense of self, or the other way round, Inner Moka with more compassion, and willingness/capacity to express herself without restraint.

The other girls wouldn't have a chance!
Well tyranuus let's take what you said one at a time OK ... then

1.) I don't think that Kokoa would be affected by the "different mothers issue" as well ... as it has been mentioned many she seems to be devoted for her onee-sama to go against her. So like you I also think that either she is going to be neutral or side with Tsukune/Moka.

2.) Well, it's definitely true that we need to understand the context in which the statement about Moka's seal was made ... since like you mentioned there are many possible meanings to that.

I quite agree that until the translations of chapter 29 come out, we won't know for sure what it exactly means.

3.) Well we sort of saw how Moka might act after Outer and Inner Moka merge together when Omote and Ura-chan worked together to defeat the Gremlin.

In short it would make a more complete version of Moka that has the most prominent aspects of both Inner and Outer Moka's personalities.

Personally I think such a fusion is going to occur near the end of the manga, since as you have mentioned tyranuus it would probably reduce the chances of the other girls foreword getting Tsukune ... to zero. Another reason why I think this fusion is going to occur near the end of the manga is that it's going to reduce the possibilities of Tsukune developing his vampire abilities, since I don't think the fused Moka will be needing Tsukune's assistance to bring out her abilities.
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