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Originally Posted by tyranuus View Post
@Chris - Just because a True Moka would no longer need Tsukune for the Rosario, doesnt mean she would no longer train him, after all she is deeply protective of him, and making sure he could look after himself, and master his abilities so there is no chance of him ever completely falling to his vampiric element would surely be a priority to her; she knows as well as anyone she cannot be with him 24/7.
Well that's certainly true ... still training isn't the same as real combat experience gotten in fights that could be dangerous. While it is true that Moka can't be with Tsukune all the time ... for the most time she's with him and with her power's unleashed Tsukune will have less chances using his vampire abilities against various opponents and getting combat experience's that he needs to become stronger, with the merged Moka unlike how things are now with Inner and Outer Moka.
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