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Originally Posted by FriedRice84 View Post
I think the best representation of a merged Moka at this time would be this:
Spoiler for Size:

Her eyes and eyebrows won't be as sharp and she'd probably smile a lot more - basically she won't have a permanent scowl like does now.
Picture link is broken
Edit: or at least it doesnt seem to work inside the spoiler for some reason. Here we go, direct link:

And yep, I'd agree with that description being in the region of how she'd look, Im guessing that link was meant to be the one where he's eaten the pie and said he liked it and she has a real 'guard down' moment.
Edit: yep it was.

Originally Posted by HayashiTakara
Well.. um... Inner and Outer has the exact same basic look, the only difference is eyes and hair color, otherwise there's no change in appearance. Inner carries herself differently so gives off a different feel in comparison to outer having a more carefree demeanor.
Aye they're very close, that said, I know the anime highlighted certain other differences, Im not sure if the manga did as well, I cant remember, but bar the eyes and hair colour, if this is retained, then there are a few physical differences beyond the way they carry themselves. I can't remember whether it is mentioned in the manga or whether this is an anime only feature though.

Originally Posted by Chris38
for the most time she's with him and with her power's unleashed Tsukune will have less chances using his vampire abilities against various opponents and getting combat experience's that he needs to become stronger, with the merged Moka unlike how things are now with Inner and Outer Moka.
There's also the possibility she would let him fight and only step in if things got out of hand for this own training and development sake, she knows he's starting to reach the level where he can almost take care of himself, and I doubt Moka would want to impact that, she wants him to be self sufficient as much as possible, and letting him fight his own battles is a solid way of improving his own control and mastery of his body, she just wouldn't let it get to the point where he is seriously at risk.
After all, Tsukune is almost at the level he is now fast enough to see bullets, and much faster than your normal human, he has come a LONG way.
Theres also the possibility that they may have to go to seperate locations at least temporarily in the near future, especially if her family has become involved.
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