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Originally Posted by tyranuus View Post

There's also the possibility she would let him fight and only step in if things got out of hand for this own training and development sake, she knows he's starting to reach the level where he can almost take care of himself, and I doubt Moka would want to impact that, she wants him to be self sufficient as much as possible, and letting him fight his own battles is a solid way of improving his own control and mastery of his body, she just wouldn't let it get to the point where he is seriously at risk.
After all, Tsukune is almost at the level he is now fast enough to see bullets, and much faster than your normal human, he has come a LONG way.
Theres also the possibility that they may have to go to seperate locations at least temporarily in the near future, especially if her family has become involved.
Well you're statements are certainly true, but there is still the mater of the other girls having no chances with getting Tsukune and in this kind of manga the author is probably going to keep with the romance aspect being unresolved for as long as he can.

Regarding Tsukune strength ... well while it's true that he has come a long way he hasn't reached his full potential yet. He still depends on the Holy Lock as well so I think that we haven't reached the end of him developing his abilities further as well as Tsukune gaining control over ... the darker aspect of his vampire abilities.
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