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On CD Japan, you can see in English that the runtime of the first of nine discs is 72 minutes (which is 3 episodes). On Amazon JP, the first 5 discs all show the same 72-minute runtime. As a general rule, Japanese DVD/BD anime solicitations that have the same price have the same episode count, so it's very safe to assume that if the first 5 discs have 3 episodes each, so will the last 4, making for 27 episodes in all. 9 DVDs/BDs is also a very normal count for a 2-cour show.

If you don't trust retailers, TBS also has the BDs/DVDs on their own online store, and the first volume confirms the 72-minute/3-episode count as well.
Thanks for the info! So it's going to be a 26 episode series, huh? Well, I hope they keep it fresh most of the time.

On a side note, are anime DVD's always this expensive? I mean $60 for one dvd and $80 for one BD is flat out robbery IMO...
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