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Originally Posted by Vx View Post
If you feel strongly, the author has done their job whether your strong emotion is hate or love or anything else.

And *Kyou* would have met NONE of these people (including the special Kuroneko) without Kirino having drug him into her secret world. That's what "catalyst" means. As it is, without Kirino's revectoring of Kyou's life, he'd probably quietly ended up with Manami out of sheer inertia. As it looks... apparently Kuroneko fans are in for lots more "goth kitty".
I disagree. I wouldn't believe that the creator's intent was to make Kirino someone the viewer loathes so much. I'm sure somewhere during the story, you are supposed to emphasize with Kirino and her behavior. However, it's that very behavior doesn't allow me to do so. Her fanfare is so loud, its hard to focus on anything else. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say her actions nearly caused me to drop this anime. I assume what has kept a number of people around is the OTHER characters. I doubt the author wanted me to hate the char so bad, that I'd stop watching the show.

For example, Toradora's Taiga. I did indeed dislike her char for a number of episodes, but I could see other aspects of her char that made me come to accept, and eventually, like her. Unfortunately, I don't see anything in Kirino I like. Maybe there was something, but that 'something' is probably buried under piles of horrible, unbearable memories of her. Being the big initial trigger to create the chain of events in the anime does not excuse her horrible character.

I will say one thing though, the feeling I get now that she's gone is GREAT! If THAT was the author's intention, to feel the relief of her absence, s/he's done an excellent job .
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