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Id like to point out that there are errors in the OST included with the 3disc special edition of GitS SAC Vol 1. Heres a rundown on problems with that Special Edition.

According to Anime on DVD, Bandai Entertainment has stated that they are investigating an issue with the DTS audio for the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Special Edition. Regarding an issue with low or non-existent volume coming from the left-rear speaker, Bandai has stated, "We are sorry to hear that you are encountering problems with the DVD. We are aware of the glitch in the DTS and trying to figure out what is causing it so we can officially declare it as an error. We will notify you with a solution once we have fully comprehended the situation. We thank you for your patience and cooperation."

Meanwhile, ANN reader Andrew Fors has informed us about a problem with the CD soundtrack that was included in the Special Edition release. Other reports confirm that the tracks cuts on the soundtrack are improperly placed. While the songs are in the correct order, the 8th track includes both the 8th song (Velveteen) and the 9th song (Lithium Flower), while the 11th track contains the first 2:14 of Fish - Silent Cruise and the 12th track contains the rest of Fish - Silent Cruise. Bandai Entertainment has declined to officially comment on this issue.
Just thought Id let people know that the OST is fine in general, just some minor mistakes that dont ruin it like the left back channel not working (even that isnt that bad IMO)
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