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I'll end it before April.
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Then to start off maybe with Bakemonogatari, which I watched because I am far and away pretty much solely a Shaft fanboy in terms of anime; however ultimately I felt like that series was 99% otaku pandering (though I can certainly appreciate that on some level: hot damn Nadeko hnnnngh etc.), while the conflict/plot basically revolved around "dangerously sexy fox lady (err...high school student rather) comes onto loser nice guy". As a result, its dramatic/emotional shallowness versus its connection to my favourite studio is kinda conflicting for me. As a core plot/concept I actually kinda feel like it is the worst of Nishio's series which, aside from offering me the chance to (sometimes uncomfortably) be pandered to, is mainly only notable to me because of the gorgeous animation Shaft seems to pour into it.
Hum,Bakemonogatari is more than what you say. Bakemonogatari, it's two great main character aka Araragi and Senjouhara. The relationship between the two of them is unique and great. One of the great point about Bakemonoigatari is that the character are fun, interesting and original. You don't watch Bakemonogatari for the plot but for the character. But even so, the plot is not bad at all.

The plot resolving around "the fox lady" ? Wtf ? Have you seen the 12 episode before ?

Bakemonogatari is about Araragi and the poeple he meets and how he helps them. For each of these people you have a story. That's all.

You can say that you don't like it but don't say thing which are not true.

And Araragi a loser ? He saves everyone, he's kind and you're saying that he's a loser ?

Anyway, it'soff topic so I think we should go back to MedakaBox

Ah ah ah, I got a bad rep because I said that's off topic looooooool. Some people are really stupid

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