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Yes, the needles used for the modification technique were threaded with Fuhai-sensei's energy, and that energy was used to carry out the ritual in the first place. I have high doubts that they would also provide Tsukune with Youki. I'd have thought one needs something more permanent than that. I also doubt Tsukune acquired Youki of his own because there's no evidence of that and I find it impossible to begin with because he was originally a human being, so he wouldn't have any Youki of his own, unless you say that the blood Moka gave him eventually became his own, but that would still mean he's using Shinso powers.

I also doubt that both Moka and Tsukune are need to awaken Alucard. If that were true, then Moka alone wouldn't have been able to awaken Alucard in the flashbacks. You'd have needed both Moka and Akasha to use their powers simultaneously in order for Alucard to awaken. That being said, Tsukune alone would suffice unless his Shinso blood isn't in synch with Alucard's. Akasha had to re-seal Alucard to save Moka in the flashbacks, so it's possible she changed the spirit wavelength in Alucard when he "devoured" her, which would mean that Moka could use her Shinso powers without risking Alucard's awakening. Because Tsukune has Moka's blood, using his powers wouldn't cause Alucard to awaken either since his blood isn't in synch with him.
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