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The Human Restructuring technique enabled Tsukune to use any Youjutsu in the first place. Before that, Tsukune could only use his Youki to strenghten his physical attacks up to Youkai/Vampire power "level" + with the help of his short training with whip Belmont learnt how to channel his youki properly ie. how to not stress the holy lock with every single youki attack.

I guess you could say that Tsukune had the properties ie. the general youkai traits thanks to the infused vampire blood, but not the means to use Youjutsu pre-ritual. Hence his rather awkward usage of "YOUKAI PUNCH!!!" as his only non-human attack (although that could already be considered as a raw youjutsu maybe). Now that Fuhai has modified his body, it basically allows for a more natural and empowered flow of youki, sponsored by Touhou Fuhai.
By a splendid body for Youjutsu is meant that past-ritual, Tsukune's body is able to splendidly use Youjutsu, thus the remark that his body has been "reborn"
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