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Kinda was bored and craved some shounen so I worked myself through this one over the last two days. While S1 had some downsides the increase in plot in S2 is nice and the artwork also steadily improves - I dont get why some people are frettin bout this manga, all in all quite enjoyable read for the genre havin said that, I'll just be entering the fray as a newbie in here XD

There also is still the possibility that there is a difference between Tsukune/Alucard and Moka/Alucard when it comes to awakening the creep. It is quite possible Moka got MUCH more blood from her mother than she ever gave to Tsukune (despite giving it to him more than once) or that it affected her more since she was both in infant stage and born a vampire while tsukune set out as a human.

While Touhou was worried to the point of gettin drastic - he did not say he knows for sure Tsukune can likewise awaken Alucard - in fact I was thinking he was more worried in the other direction - like Tsukunes power having become totally unpredictable which with what powers he was given might be enough to cause serious trouble should he loose it completly - regardless of Alucard awakening or not. I doubt he would have used the modification technique had he grasped beforehand that Tsukune not only recieved vampiric but also shinso powers...

There is also the fact that Tohou knows about the infiltration plan. Why should he on the one hand smuggly seal away Moka's power to thwart the enemy plan while at the same time potentially delivering somebody else to do the job (tsukune) into their hands? He looks more competent than that.

And it would make more sense plot/character development wise. Another character that can awaken Alucard would make things more complicated just now - however the way it is done this can still be kept back for use in later arc. In terms of Tsukune finally getting a powerup its the best possible way, he has enough to go save Moka, but his powerup also comes with an inherent limiter since the beast form is serve that purpose the additional aspect of being able to awaken Alucard is not neccessarily needed ...
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