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Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post
Well, you have got a point about Tohou Fuhai sending Tsukune on the Fairy Tale's HQ raid, which would be pretty stupid to do if Tsukune was capable of reviving Alucard as well, but it was already shown that Tohou Fuhai isn't omnipotent, with him not noticing the fact that Tsukune wears the Holy Lock until Tsukune's Shinso blood went out of control during the human modification ritual...
He may not have been aware of it then, but he was certainly aware of the fact that Tsukune had Shinso blood when they went to try rescue Moka, and thus aware there was at least some risk in awakening Alucard as a result. Just because he's not omnipotent doesn't mean he's allowed to make basic mistakes like this one. So I doubt Fuhai-sensei would've allowed Tsukune to get close to Alucard without some kind of fallback. For instance, remember that Fuhai-sensei was the one who taught Mikogami about seals and spells. The Holy Lock is something Mikogami created for Tsukune. I wouldn't put it past Fuhai-sensei that he repaired the Holy Lock if not upgraded it. He was able to fix Moka's Rosario (and very quickly too) after all. Altho he's not omnipotent, I do think it's quite likely that he took some precautions.

Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post
Furthermore most of the talk about Tsukune being capable of reviving Alucard is still speculation, since there hasn't been anything mentioned, that confirms that Tsukune's Shinso blood is synchronized with Alucard - naturally it was implied that something like that is possible with the fact that Moka inherited, Akasha's blood synchronization with Alucard, but at the same time Tsukune's case is a little different then Moka's, due to the fact that he was a normal human before he was injected with Moka's Shinso blood, and considering Jack Frosts prophecy about Tsukune and Moka, I believe that it might be possible that, at this point both Tsukune and Moka are needed to revive Alucard...
I doubt they're needed together. Assuming Moka's (and therefore Tsukune's) blood is synched with Alucard's, only one of them is required to "lose it" in order for Alucard to awaken. Like I said, in the flashback, it wasn't until Moka snapped that Alucard awoke. Granted, her mother was near too, but if it was just a matter of being there, Alucard should've woken up a long time ago already, and if it requires everyone that has Shinso Blood to snap (and right now, the only ones apart from Alucard to have Shinso blood are Moka and Tsukune), then how did Alucard awaken when only Moka snapped? The way I see it, so long as one host snaps, that's it, and so if either Moka or Tsukune lose it individually, that would be enough. The prophecy merely pointed out that Moka and Tsukune together would be responsible for the fate of the world. That's hardly enough evidence to point out that both of them are needed to awaken Alucard, nor did it hint anything of the sort.

The only thing I can agree with here is that there's no evidence Alucard's blood is synched with Tsukune's. As I said earlier, it's likely Moka's Shinso was de-synched by Akasha when she placed the Rosario on her and subsequently sealed Alucard. Tsukune has Moka's de-synched blood (this does not mean Moka's blood is weaker or stronger, just on a different wavelength). The reason Alucard awoke at all when Moka snapped in the flashbacks was because their blood was synched. There's much less risk of that happening now if either Moka or Tsukune snap.
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