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Originally Posted by Tsuyoshi View Post
The only thing I can agree with here is that there's no evidence Alucard's blood is synched with Tsukune's. As I said earlier, it's likely Moka's Shinso was de-synched by Akasha when she placed the Rosario on her and subsequently sealed Alucard. Tsukune has Moka's de-synched blood (this does not mean Moka's blood is weaker or stronger, just on a different wavelength). The reason Alucard awoke at all when Moka snapped in the flashbacks was because their blood was synched. There's much less risk of that happening now if either Moka or Tsukune snap.
Exactly. Moka's Rosario did not only de-synched the Shinso blood, but sealed it completely as long as the rosario is "activated". I guess that's one of the reason why Outer Moka is so normal because the rosario sealed every kind of battle prowess next to the Shinso blood away.

@Tsukune's Youjutsu source: After looking at the chapter, it's really quite confusing. Touhou's words: "An amplfied channel that can produce Demon Energy (= Youki) and a "Transformation point" that will manipulate the quality of of demon energy". So either I'm just too dense to understand it or Shinso blood =/= Youki. It could still be that vampires aren't good with Youjutsu except of the inherited skills like transformation, youki detection, etc and in exchange way superior in hand to hand combat. Except (again) Akua and Jigentou which certainly is Youjutsu.
/is likely overthinking things.
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