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Originally Posted by haegar View Post
but but but.... that "human modification technique" wasn't made specifically for Tsukune who happens to be a human who got a vampiric power boost. That technique was around before. We have seen examples of other humans crossing into the monster world so Touhou might have developed it for somebody else in another time ...

So by its very name it would seem to be a technique to modify a normal human into a human with monster powers, - in that light, yes, he DID give him his own youki source (not knowing at the time that Tsukune had already gotten more than "one-time use" vampire blood/ ghoul abilities)
That's a good point, although Tsukune's case is a little different from the others because unlike other humans who may have tried to undergo the modification ritual, Tsukune already had Youki in his body. Even with that Youki, Tsukune was driven close to death by a hair's breadth. If other humans went through the ritual before, it's likely that they were also like Tsukune in that they already posessed some Youki of their own following a number of events. Fuhai-sensei may have even developed the technique because of those other humans who crossed to the world of Ayashi. It's the difficulty of actually living through the ritual that makes me wonder if it's even possible for a normal human to survive, considering one who already posessed Youki nearly died.

Originally Posted by haegar View Post
Anyways, all in all I dunno if the details matter on this. Touhei conveniently came up with an explanation for a needed powerup - I mean you gotta have "somebody" say "something" to explain powerups in some sort of technical, metaphysical or whateva mumbojumbo, rite?

I read the whole thing as making a point that while Tsukune has shinso potential (sooner or later he HAS to turn HAX to actually EARN his harem of hotness ) he currently cannot use it and hence was granted an alternative to be able to go save his girl
Well, plot-wise, that's pretty much what the entire ritual was for, yes
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