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Gon pays a very small price for every dumb thing he does.

Some of his actions are tolerable, but some are not.

Do you really think that several punches and one broken arm were enough for his idiocy? Come on, try and do what Gon did. I'm sure you'll have far worse injuries.

Whatever price Gon pays it is or small or instantly repaid back. Once again the moment that pisses me off was not aired yet so I can't say anything. All I can say that the one scene was enough for me to lower my mark for last OVA.

Yes, you can get your arms back and stuff here but only if you know right people. Let's take Hisoka as example. Just like Gon he tends to play dangerous games and risk his life. However, what puts them to apart is the fact that Hisoka is actually strong. He knows that he will win so why not have some fun and add extreme stuff? Chopped arms? Not a problem, he has Machi to fix him up.

Gon on the other hand is weak. It's admirable that he tries but there is nothing wrong in giving up or taking other routes. If there is an easier path, take it, train, progress. When you develop, go ahead and take a harder route.
Gon keeps saying that if he'll surrender, he'll never see his father. But how does he plan to see him if he will be dead? Gon has a very narrow minded mind. In all honesty if Killua was not around, he would be dead long time ago since Killus is his voice of reason.

And yes, HxH has a good variety of characters. Sadly the most annoying one is the one who steals the spotlight.

In all honesty I'll better watch a whole arc with Leorio instead, the guy barely gets any love at all.
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